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Alex Stern is an enterprise consulting firm founded in 2010. It is a Limited Liability (Ltd) company registered in Warsaw, Poland.  We specialize in linking small, mid and large size international business to the Polish market. We are also proud to support the sales of Polish products and services to other countries.

Alex Stern is more than a consulting firm.  With our in-depth knowledge of the Polish markets we can offer our clients creative solutions and help execute them. Our goal is always a “win-win” final result for all sides involved.

Our owner and CEO, Robert Golba PhD, has worked in the consulting business for over a decade, consulting small and large municipalities across Poland, acquiring financing for various industrial and private projects. 

He has successfully completed over 500 projects.


Alex Stern offers in-depth knowledge of all financing opportunities in Poland, from governmental funds, through grants, bank loans and private equity. 

Alex Stern has great relations with most municipalities in Poland.  We are constantly updating our knowledge about the wide range of Polish products, which have great export value. We are capable of organizing a complete export line: from purchase, through customs, transportation, and delivery to any door in the world. 



Alex Stern works across all types of industries, with clients such as:

  • Large multinational corporations
  • Leading private equity firms
  • Municipal offices
  • Midsize companies
  • Small start-ups
  • Nonprofit organizations
We aim to meet and exceed all our clients expectations, no matter how big or small.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Acquiring financing for industrial investments in local municipalities
  • Researching world technologies and finding solutions for various 

    Polish industrial projects
  • Finding competitive Polish goods for our international clients
  • Representing international companies on the Polish market
  • Consulting and acquiring financing for start-up companies


Our services also include media production. We produce films, media campaigns and video clips. Our projects come from added passion for film. Therefore we work only on projects that make our blood circulate faster. Our goal is to produce one or two such projects a year. In the past year we worked on: Co-production of a feature film of Barbara Albert: “THE DEAD AND THE LIVING”.
To read and see trailer please visit: www.thedeadandtheliving.com/en/home
Media campaign for the municipality of Blonie, Poland. To read and see more about the campaign please visit: http://www.kierunekblonie.info Pomagamzradoscia.pl


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Contact us

Our office address:

Our office address:

We are located in downtown Warsaw, 5 minute walk from Marriott Hotel and walking distance from the subway line (nearest stop: CENTRUM).

1 Jasna Street 
Office no 428 (4thfloor)
00-013 Warszawa (Warsaw)

Our contact details:
+48 509 232 868

General office email:
You can also email our CEO, Robert Golba, at: Robert@alexstern.pl